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Zwyla - Aquatic Goddess

Zwyla - Aquatic Goddess

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Aquatic Goddess

The Aquatic Goddess defends her realm. Queen of the Argonne Canyons. Her beauty is disarming and her intellect is legendary. Aqua Man fell for her but could not hold on to her passions. She has hair made of magic water and the power to control vast amounts of water on a quantum level. Her trusted companion Thorn, the King of all Seahorses is from a family that stretches back to the dawn of time and life on Earth. He is a gallant steed that carries her through the oceans and through the clouds in the sky. His horn has a wondrous and treacherous power that any foe would be loathed to discover.

An Original Embellished Canvas of this artwork is custom printed to a size you select then Doug will embellish the art using the same medium as the original, numbering and and hand signing it. Each includes a certificate of provenance. 

Request a quote by providing the title of the artwork you desire and the sizes you are most interested in.  Doug will get back to you with a price that includes shipping along with delivery details. 

*Custom size prints, canvas prints, metal prints, mural prints available, Contact LaRue Arts

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