Armadillo Art Squad has a new home in The Wittliff Collections

Peoples Gallery Show at Austin City Hall

Armadillo Art Squad has a new home in The Wittliff Collections

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Armadillo Art Squad now has a permanent home in The Wittliff Collections. The 32x64 inch framed print that spent the last year at Austin City Hall is now part of the Art Collections at Texas State University.

Pen and Ink Illustration featuring famed Austin Music Artists (from left to right) Guy Juke, Micael Priest, Danny Garrett, Jim Franklin, Kerry Awn, Jesse Sublett, Ken Featherston, Henry Gonzales, Sam Yeates, Bill Narum. Other folks include collectors, lawyers, writers and printers. Alan Schaefer, Mike Tolleson, Joe Nick Patoski, Tom Wilmore, Nels Jacobson, Terry Raines. Some of my favorite folks in Austin, Texas! Original size is 58 inch x 40 inch 

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